How to Create a Radius on a Google Map

Starting your search for real estate investments

So, you have decided to start investing in real estate, and want to know where to look. But, you are not which where to look in terms of locations.  So, you search for properties around you. But, you could be missing out some really great deals.

Determine what a practical driving distance would be for you.  Some things to consider when doing this would be whether or not you will have a leasing agent and property manager, other partners, other time constraints. The more people on your team, the larger the area you can search, as there are more people to respond to any needs, as they arise. We look at anything in a two hour drive. That is a very doable distance for us, given our team and expertise.

My suggestion is to draw a radius around your location. Unfortunately, Google maps doesn’t have this feature, at least not that I have been able to see.

Here is a little trick that I do personally.  

A web developer in London created an simple interface that allows you to plot a radius using Google maps.

Step 1:  Go to the link below.

The developer is in London, so that’s the default location. 

Step 2:  Type in your location.

Step 3: Select the radius distance

Step 4: Click the map

This will create the blue circle.  Note, that the screen is probably filled with blue.  Simply scroll back to see the full circle.

That’s its. Pretty easy huh.  Doing this step gives you a much clearer picture of where to start looking.

Next is finding properties and evaluating to see if they would be a good fit. That blog is coming soon.  


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